Thrifty Certified® ... Complete Peace of Mind

Here at Thrifty Car Sales, we’re as selective about the vehicles we offer as our customers are about the vehicles they buy. That’s why every Thrifty Certified vehicle must pass an extensive systematic inspection before it can fly the Thrifty Certified Flag.

All Thrifty Certified inspections are performed by an ASE Certified Technician. The Thrifty Certified limited warranty comes with FREE Nationwide 24 hr. Roadside Assistance & Sign & Drive coverage for emergency services that include:

  • Flat Tire Change
  • Vehicle Lockout Service
  • Emergency Gas Delivery
  • Battery Jump Service
  • Emergency Tow Service
  • All this PLUS 10% off a Thrifty Car Rental anytime!

From the odometer to the engine block, our Thrifty Certified inspection ensures both our dealers and our customers of vehicle quality. Here’s what it takes to be a Thrifty Certified Vehicle...

Odometer reading is supported by the general condition of the vehicle.
Lube sticker or maintenance logs support mileage.
Oil and oil filter have been changed prior to sale.
No structural damage
No title or title history brands


Engine* block, cylinder heads, intake and exhaust manifolds have been checked for cracks and corrected.
Vehicle has been checked for obvious leaks, including power steering, and applicable corrections made.
Automatic transmission fluid* is at the prescribed level and is not contaminated or discolored.
Coolant is at the prescribed level and is not contaminated.
Cooling system has been pressure tested to check for and correct any leaks.
Cooling fan has been tested for proper operation and corrected, if needed.
Power steering pump reservoir and gear box are at the prescribed fluid level. Steering system is not making noise.
Brake master cylinder is at the prescribed fluid level and shows no evidence of leaks.
Battery is charged and cables are corrosion-free and properly secured.
Air cleaner is clean.


Visually inspect under vehicle.
Transmission case is free of cracks and leaks
Standard transmission fluid* is at the prescribed level (also transfer case on 4 x 4s) and shows no evidence of leaks.
CV boots are free from cracks or deterioration.
Struts are not leaking or weak.
Brake wear has been inspected (front, visual - rear, pull both) and brake pads or brake shoes have been replaced if thickness is less than 3mm.
Suspension systems (i.e., ball joints, tie rods) have been checked for wear and looseness and any loose parts have been replaced.
Rear differential fluid is at the prescribed level (also front axle on 4 x 4s) and housing is not leaking.


Engine is operating properly and shows no obvious signs of problems(i.e., excessive smoking, poor performance, rough idle, etc.)
Engine oil pressure and operating temperatures are within normal hot/cold range levels.
Automatic transmission is shifting smoothly and quietly
Standard transmission is shifting properly and quietly (transfer case on 4x4s)
Vibration in driveline if any has been corrected
All manual switches have been inspected for proper operation (e.g. power windows, heating fan, windshield wiper, door locks, etc.)
Audio system is fully operational and all gauges function and display properly.
Air conditioning has been inspected for proper operation and any Freon leaks corrected.
Steering has been checked for proper operation.
Brakes and calipers have been for proper operation and leaks. Pads and linings, if worn, have been replaced.
Parking brake has been checked for proper operation.
Conditions causing unusual noises in the engine or transmission have been corrected.
All emission system parts are functional and meet requirements.
CV joints exhibit no abnormal noise on hard left or right turns.

*Thrifty Car Sales also offers an exceptional Extended Service Contract program, including our own Thrifty Care® program that can help you protect your investment for up to 6 years or 100,000 miles.

* Engine, transmission and drive axle must be the same as Original Equipment specified for the vehicle (i.e., no modifications) and meet all applicable Federal Regulations to be eligible for Thrifty Certified® coverage.